Michele Brandt  RYT 200​​​ HR

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 Soul happy yoga

Welcome to the Soul happy yoga website! From my big open heart to yours, it brings me so much joy to share this site with you and share all that's happening with
S H Y.
Happiness is the goal.
Deep deep down in the pit of your 'Soul' Happiiness!

All you need is some willfull desire, belief in yourself and a leap of faith to get this journey started!

Yoga has been instrumental in shifting energy in my life that needed to be moved. I am living proof that this practice is life changing.

The practice of Yoga allows us to become more present, in the moment and brings us more connection to our body, emotions, our mind and our breath. This practice leaves us with an overall feeling of calmness and peace within ourselves by letting go of internal chatter, external distractions and physical, mental and emotional holds.

We all come to our mat for different reasons and that's ok.  We might need to work on cultivating gratitude;  we might be trying to manifest love into our lives with an open heart;  we might need to let go of negative emotions and open up space for new possibilities;  we might need to relieve stress and anxiety;  we might need to gain strength and flexibility in our bodies or find stability and balance. 

The best part is that it's your Yoga. You make of it what you wish. What you put into it, will only give you clearer results. It's a choice.

I am here to guide you and take you through this journey so you don't feel like you are on this quest alone.

As I honor the divine light and spirit within me,
I honor the divine light and spirit within you,
together we say, namaste.
we are one.